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Pro Kuusamo Ry in a Nutshell

Photo: Keijo Lehtimäki

Pro Kuusamo was founded in 2013 to protect and preserve the nature as well as to responsibly defend the environmental and cultural values of Kuusamo and its neighboring communes.Kuusamo’s unspoilt nature and competitiveness for tourism possibilities must be cherished and maintained. Essential living conditions and employment possibilities based on this unique environment must equally be developed and preserved for future generations.As the Pro Kuusamo Ry founder and honorary Chairman, Mr Hannu Hautala reminds; « Our future is the green gold and the white slopes of Kuusamo «.

In order to achieve its goal, Pro Kuusamo Ry is active in

  • providing environmental information and nature awareness,
  • participating in regional land-use planning, taking initiatives, giving statements and carrying out environmental studies,
  • organizing meetings, debates, excursions,
  • cooperating with other associations.   

Our goal is aligned with Kuusamo Town Council’s environmental declaration approved in 1993 and its new strategy confirmed for 2021-2028. Shortly defined: « Harmony and coexistence with nature is the basis for future-oriented and climate friendly sustainable development of Kuusamo « .Pro Kuusamo Ry is not against mining industry as long as negative environmental impact on the nature stays minor compared to its benefit. We are critical towards all actions threatening natural resources, such as drainage basin areas of pure water Oulanka- and Kitkariver. These are both a part of Kuusamo’s « mining free » -defined area and both flow through national parks. Therefor mining activity preceeded by mineral exploration must be forbidden.When it comes to nature-based economy, even a mere risk of pollution and a harm to Kuusamo’s eco-friendly reputation are unbearable. Biodiversity and landscapes are an important part of natural resources. Consequently, environmental issues, well-being of inhabitants, effects on employment, advantages and disadvantages of a mining project must be most thoroughly studied analysed, clarified and, obviously, done before even starting mining activities.

You can  help to protect Kuusamo’s nature. Join Pro Kuusamo Ry, forward the message to decision maker, send an internet message. Set an example, recycle, use local services and products. The whole world is open to social media !